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Bat Boys Comedy

Feb 23, 2021

We've gone international in this week's episode! Foster's in hand, we're joined by our friend from Down Under - Emily!

Emily joins the Bat Boys on this all-new episode - Vacation Crab. 

The Bat Boys (and Emily) explore the magical world of Hermit Crabs, share their new weight loss tips, and give us an insider's look at...

Feb 16, 2021

Tim Hearn is back, everyone! 

Tim Hearn (Brothers Grimmprov: The Podcast Sho‪w) is back for another all-new episode of Bat Boys Comedy. 

Tune in to Private School Playground as the Bat Boys are exposed to a secret skittle economy, deal with their abandonment issues, and show us what happens behind the private school...

Feb 9, 2021

Our special guest this week is none other than one of the hilarious hosts of the hit new podcast Galsplained- Claire Hanlon.  

She joins the Bat Boys in this all-new episode. In Riding Dirty, the Bat Boys (and Claire) deal with their road rage, show you who their favorite child is, and show you the second-class nature...

Feb 2, 2021

Folks, guess what; the hilariously talented Jenn Bianchi is back!

For those that don't know Jenn, she  is an improviser/teacher/actor. She works for the People's Improv Theatre (based out of NYC) and is a member of Queen City Comedy, and plays on the Now Are The Foxes team. 

In this episode, the Bat Boys (and Jenn!) go...